Betaine Powder – Sustainably Sourced Bioactive

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Betaine powder is a sustainably sourced bioactive, is extracted from a side stream of sugar production. Betaine is a natural osmolyte, part of the NMF, which helps balance water in skin and within the formulation, to provide moisturization, protection and sensory benefits.

Betaine is an amino acid derivative naturally present in skin and hair. Penetrating into the hair shaft and binding to the surface, betaine powder contributes to protect, strengthen, and care for healthier-looking hair and scalp.

INCI name : Betaine  |  Chemical Description: Trimethylglycine

Betaine Content: 99.3%

pH: 6.5 |Moisture: 0.8%

Usage Percentage: 1 to 5 %

Appearance : free-flowing white crystals
Bulk density : 0.6–0.8 g/ml
Melting point : 241–242°C
Molar weight : 117.15 g/mol
pH (5% solution in DiH2O) : 5–7

Betaine solubility at 25°C in:
Water : 160g/100g (readily soluble in water)
Methanol : 55g/100g
Ethanol : 8.7g/100g

Purity min 99% d.s. betaine
Moisture max 2% (when packed)

Certifications and statements
• Natural certifications: Ecocert/Cosmos, Natrue
• Kosher and Halal: certified
• Natural Index (ISO 16128): NOI = 1
• Source: Non-GMO sugar beet

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