Gentle Care (Tearless) Shampoo Base – FDA Approved

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 Gentle Care (Tearless) Shampoo base is made with certified organic botanicals such as chamomile, lavender and aloe to gently cleanse delicate skin. It is free of sulphate, paraben, formalin and alkanolamide.

This shampoo base can be used to make baby shampoo, baby top-to-toe wash, feminine hygiene wash, body wash, face wash or shower gels.

Recommended usage

  • Kids / Babies: dilute 30 to 40% of the product TLS base with water
  • Adults: dilute 60% of the product TLS base with water

1. Water
3. Glycerin
4. Capryl Glucoside
5. Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate